Dow Jones Industrial Average Technical Analysis

By | August 24, 2015

Dowjones hit lower circuit today it tested 15254 today but its recovered approx 800 points from its lowest point as its trading now at 16000 , despite its 800 points recovery its down 450 points from friday closing , Market moved like it was moving back in 2008 , So now if dowjones click our resistance at 16320 and sustain above then expect some breather upto 16510 – 16740 today

If dowjones click our technical support at 15780 and sustain below our Dow Jones Industrial support then expect another bears magic upto 15500 – 15300 and once low is out expect 15000 today

Dow 30 technical analysis conclusion : Trend is down , If market give any positive movement then use it to sell instead buying , Mayhem just started so sit back and relax for more panic , No major buying should be initiated , 100-200 points trade can be taken in long but for that you must put proper stoploss

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