Trading signals result February 2017

By | March 30, 2017

Trading signals result

Its time for our monthly update . We had a busy schedule so this time our monthly update is 10-12 days late . Here are summary of february 2017 .

Best profit came in silver . We clocked approx 340 pips in silver signals which converse approx 3400$ profit per lot .

Comex Gold trading calls provided us healthy 180 pips profits . We made approx 1800$ per lot profit in xauusd calls .

Forex signals fetched us 65 pips . We made approx 650$ profits per lot .

Positional signals again delivered handsome profits of 270 pips . We made 2700$ in those calls .

Crude oil trading calls performed flat as we made approx 5 pips and almost no profit no loss in those calls .

Mcx tips performed flat as we made almost no loss no profits .

Dow jones continued to suffer as we lost almost 240 pips and made 2400$ per lot loss in february .

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