Trading signals performance April 2016

By | May 12, 2016

Its time to update our monthly update on our monthly signal performance . Here are some highlights of our last month performance .

Our positional signals delivered exuberance profits of 575 pips last month . Which fetched us profit of 5750$ per lot .

Our intraday gold signals delivered profits of 370 pips last month . It fethced us profit of 3700$ per lot . This is best performance for gold this year .

Our intraday silver tips delivered profits of 260 pips last month . It delivered 2600$ profit per lot .

Our forex trading calls delivered profits of 94 pips last month . Forex calls gave profit of 940$ per lot .

Crude oil trading tips delivered profits of 190 pips last month . Oil gave us profit of 1900$ per lot .

Dow jones trading signals delivered profits of 256 pips last month . US 30 made 2560$ per lot for us .

Mcx tips gave profit of Rupees 56200/lot .

Nifty trading calls gave us profit of Rupees 6000/lot .

Please download our detailed signal performance excel sheet from link below .

April 2016 trading signal performance

Trading signals performance till 2015

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