Gold forecast next week

By | July 12, 2015

Last week gold prices were hoping a clear direction from Greece but again Greece drama was all over the week and nothing happened eventually and even today’s summit was cancelled means greece crisis would haunt the market next week again and we need to wait what exactly comes out from Greek financial crisis then only gold’s major trend would be clear , Fomc meet was also useless as Fed chairman did not gave any direction to market and it was just a plain simple speech like many other previous speeches so last week was completely useless and market had stuck in a small range as it anticipate a clear direction from Greece’s issue , whether greece will stay in eurozone or it will get out from it . so again we will be tracking our weekly gold levels instead any trend

If gold price click our resistance of 1208$ and close above our this weekly hurdle then expect gold rates to zoom upto 1245$ – 1291$ in short term

If gold price click our weekly support of 1125$ and close below our major support then expect gold rates to face correction upto 1080$ – 1050$

Gold next week forecast conclusion : Gold trend is flat and it will have any direction after greece outcome , till then follow levels

More will update in daily gold forecast report

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