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gold silver forecast 05th april 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( xauusd ) price trading higher today at 1227$ . It powered up recently in last 2-3 hours from 1217$ to 1227$ . A good resistance on gold chart today at 1231$ . If traders manage to take this resistance out and sustain trading above our resistance today . Then expect xauusd… Read More »

daily gold silver forecast 01st april 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( xauusd ) price trading at 1234$ . Yesterday it tested 1240$ from 1227$ . A good bounce of 13$ but we updated resistance at 1238$ which it broke but it could not survive a sustain trade . Today our gold chart resistance stands at 1241$ . If traders break this hurdle… Read More »

Hedge signals rocked again today

Hedge signals Hedge signals between gold and silver rocked again today . We gave two signals today and we managed to extract 800$/lot profit from market . Here is what we did today . Buy Silver at 15.35$ and Gold sell at 1234.50 . ( We exited this position at 15.44 with profit of 450$… Read More »

Hedge signals rocked once again

Hedge Signals Recently we started testing our new trading strategy where we buy one thing and sell other thing . Our existing subscribers are having this service as a trial . Please note only existing subscribers can enjoy these service for free till we launch it officially . This is what we wrote to our… Read More »

Gold Silver forecast 29th march 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( xauusd ) price trading at 1219$ . Yesterday also we updated our forecast on these levels . Its not moved since yesterday and just trading in same range . Today gold chart shows a resistance at 1228$ . If traders break this hurdle and manage to trade above our resistance today… Read More »