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Crude oil signal target achieved 05th Feb 2018

Crude oil signal A good day for our oil signals subscribers , we asked them to sell this major commodity . It crashed beautifully and our subscribers exited at our targets . This is what we wrote to our subscribers . Sell crude oil at 64.60$ with stoploss of 65.25$ for target of 63.90$ .… Read More »

crude oil calls rocked nymex and mcx

A good day for our Crude oil calls subscribers . We gave them sell crude oil today . Both mcx and Nymex subscribers cashed the crash came in crude oil today . Here are both our crude oil calls today . Nymex crude oil call : Sell crude oil 46.40$ SL 47$ Target 45.90$ Mcx… Read More »

Nymex crude oil signal target achieved

A good day for our crude oil signals subscribers , We asked them to buy oil today and look what happened . Crude oil fired and our signal target achieved . Here is full signal detail which we given to our subscribers . Buy Crude oil 46.50$ Sl 45.90$ for target 47.10$ crude oil fired… Read More »

Crude oil signal update ( Given two signal today )

Crude oil signal today A flat day for our crude oil signal subscribers , we provided them two trading signal today one hit Stoploss and other hit target . Here are both trading signal given to them First signal : Buy WTI crude oil 47$ Stoploss 46.30$ for Target 47.80$ ( crude oil made high… Read More »

weekly crude oil technical analysis

WTI Crude oil stayed in a narrow zone last week and it did’nt gave any breakout or any breakdown , so this week crude oil resistance would be 48.20$ once oil prices break this and close above our this weekly oil resistance then expect market to fire upto 50.50$ – 53$ If crude oil price… Read More »