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Banknifty view Nifty levels 23 october 2015

Banknifty view Banknifty future were in pressure day before yesterday .We were close so opening would be containing two days world trading cues . Now if banknifty future click our technical support at 17550 and sustain below our major support today then expect market to correct upto 17400 – 17250 today . If banknifty future… Read More »

intraday levels nifty banknifty 12 october 2015

Nifty levels Nifty future trading at 8190 slightly down from its friday closing , a good support in nfity today at 8150 once market break this and sustain below this intraday nifty support then expect nifty to correct upto 8120 – 8080 today If nifty future click our intraday nifty resistance at 8250 and sustain… Read More »