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Gold Silver price forecast update 07th october 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( Xauusd ) price crashed further yesterday and tested below 1250$ zone . Currently prices are trading at 1252$ . A good support on daily gold chart stands at 1244$ . If traders break this major base level and manage to sustain trade beneath our support today . Then expect this precious… Read More »

Gold silver forecast today 29th february 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( xauusd ) price trading higher today at 1228$ . Its trading higher today due to china’s crash . China’s major index shanghai composite index cracked more than 4% . A good resistance in today’s gold chart at 1234$ . If price break this hurdle and manage to trade above our resistance… Read More »

Gold forecast silver forecast 12th january 2016

Gold forecast Gold prices ( xauusd ) corrected yesterday and we cashed it as our gold trading signal to sell initiated at 1103$ and we booked profit at 1097$ . Currently prices trading at 1096$ . A good support on chart today at 1088$ . Once bears break this base level and manage to hold… Read More »

Positional gold trading signal rocked as it fired

Positional gold signal A fantastic day for our positional trading signal subscribers . We gave them a buy gold signal in december 2015 . Here in new year we are booking good profits . Here are details of our positional trading signal . Buy Gold 1073$ with stoploss of 1043$ for target 1111$ . We… Read More »