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Market analysis 14 August 2017

Crude oil analysis US crude oil prices are trading at 48.85$ . A good resistance on daily chart stands at 49.20$ . If traders take this hurdle out and manage to sustain trade above our resistance today . Then expect more firepower to this black gold upto 50$ – 51$ today . A good support… Read More »

Forex signal target achieved 25th April 2017

Forex signal A good day for our forex signals subscribers . We asked them to buy usd/jpy . This fx pair fired and our subscribers enjoyed profit of more than 30 pips . Here is our forex trade recommendation today . Buy usd/jpy at 110.21 with stoploss of 109.88 for target of 110.57 . It… Read More »

Weekly Gold trend 4th week December 2016

Weekly Gold trend Last week Comex Gold ( xauusd ) price had a bad week . It tested deep water near 1125$ as FOMC hiked interest rate first time in this year . 25 bps made this sharp cut in gold and silver prices . Market could not recover from the blow Fed gave last… Read More »

Gold signal target achieved 01st november 2016

Gold signal A good day for our gold signals subscribers . We asked them to buy this precious metal . It fired and our subscribers booked profits on our target . Here is our trading recommendation to our subscribers today . Buy Gold at 1279.30$ with stoploss of 1274$ for target of 1286$ . It… Read More »

Silver trading signals rocked 23rd september 2016

Silver trading signals A good day for our silver signals subscribers and mcx tips subscribers . We asked them to sell this precious metal today . It crashed from its highs and our trading call’s targets achieved . Here is what we wrote to our subscribers today . Sell silver at 19.81 with stoploss of… Read More »