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Comex gold signal target achieved 07th Feb 2018

Comex signal A good day for our gold signals subscribers, we asked them to sell xauusd yesterday, it crashed last night and our subscribers exited on target, here is what we wrote to our xauusd subscribers . Sell gold at 1331.50$ with stoploss of 1338.50$ for target 1325$ , Xauusd crashed and our subscribers minted… Read More »

Medium term gold call rocked 19 september 2017

Positional signal ( Medium term Gold call ) As mentioned in our daily analysis , its a good day for our positional signals subscribers which receives our medium term buy/sell trading calls . We asked them to sell gold last week , it crashed and our subscribers enjoyed profit of nearly 300 pips in this… Read More »

Gold fired and our trading signal gave profits

Gold trading signal A good day for our gold signal subscribers . We asked them to buy today . It fired and it kissed beautiful high of our target . Here is what trading signal we sent to our paid subscribers . Buy gold at 1127$ with stoploss of 1121$ for target of 1134$ .… Read More »