Silver & Forex signals rocked 13 october 2017

By | October 13, 2017

Silver & Forex signals

A good day for our comex silver & forex signals subscribers . We asked them to buy this precious metal and sell our favorite fx pair of usd/jpy . Both trading calls targets achieved and we exited at targets . Here are our trade calls which we gave to our subscribers last night .

Sell usd/jpy at 112.37 with stoploss of 112.67 for target of 112.02 . It crashed and we fetched more than 30 pips and made approx 300$ per lot profit in this trade .

Buy xagusd at 17.12$ with stoploss of 16.92$ for target of 17.34$ . It fired and our subscribers minted more than 100 pips in this trade and made more than 1000$ profit per lot .

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