Hedge signals rocked once again

By | March 30, 2016

Hedge Signals

Recently we started testing our new trading strategy where we buy one thing and sell other thing . Our existing subscribers are having this service as a trial . Please note only existing subscribers can enjoy these service for free till we launch it officially . This is what we wrote to our subscribers today .

Buy gold at 1237$ and sell silver at 15.35$

We exited from gold at 1227$ and we exited from silver at 15.22$ .

So we clocked 10$ ( 1000$ profit per lot ) in gold and lost 600usd in silver

So total we made 1000-600= 400usd today .

These signals are pretty low risk as one thing is buy and second is sell .

We will launch it officially very soon . Currently its in testing phase .

To get our trading signal package details .

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