Dow Jones Index target achieved May 16, 2018

By | May 16, 2018

Dow Jones Index

A good day for our Dow Jones Index signals subscribers, We asked them to sell this major Indices, It crashed and our subscribers exited at our target. Here is what we wrote to our subscribers.

Sell US30 at 24930 with stoploss of 25050 for target of 25700. Wall Street crashed beautifully from our selling point and our subscribers cashed more than 200 point in this trade. We made approx 2000$ profit per lot in this trade.


A good hurdle on Dow Jones Index stands at 24920, If traders take this hurdle out and manage to sustain trade above our resistance. Then expect more firepower in Dow Jones Index upto 25030- 25160 today.

Currently DJIA trading at 24670, A good support on this major Indices stands at 24500 now. If traders take this base out and manage to sustain trade below our support. Then expect more pressure in Dow Jones upto 24300- 24100 today.

Currently Dow Index is in weak trend, avoid any major buy for now. Market has lost already more than 1500 points from its peak and dollar index is still trading with good positive. This is a red flag for all buys. Better stay clear with any major buy positions for now. We had weak core retail sales number and yet dollar is firing up without any major news.

Good hurdle on dollar index stands at 93.30, Once this major hurdle is out and traders manage to close above our resistance. Then expect more firepower in dollar upto 93.60- 93.99.

Support in dollar stands at 92.40, If this trade out and manage to close then expect good profit booking upto 92- 91.40.

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