Dow Jones Analysis

By | June 30, 2015

In our last dow jones update we told you dowjones looking weak and it tumbled from 18100 till 17600 now , Again our view has not changed much since then just levels has to be refreshed now , Main problem is Greece crisis which is very important and still not clear whats gonna happen with Greece , If dowjones click our technical support of 17380 and sustain below our dow jones support then expect fresh selling in dow upto 17200 – 17000

If dowjones click our trading resistance of 17720 and sustain above our resistance then expect dowjones to fire upto 17880 – 18000 in short term

Dowjones analysis conclusion : Dow jones trend is still weak but Greece crisis may turn trend and can spark good buying in index

More will update to our Dow jones trading signals subscribers

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