gold silver daily trend 30 january 2015

By | July 30, 2015

Gold trend

Gold future fired last night on fed statement till 1102$ and now retraced back 1085$ , a good support in gold rate at 1075$ if market break this and sustain below our support today then expect gold to correct upto 1070$ – 1061$

If gold prices click our resistance at 1098$ and sustain above our technical resistance then expect gold to fire upto 1103$ – 1111$ today

Gold trend conclusion : Gold trend is weak for now , but GDP numbers from US today so avoid big positions till data

Silver trend

Silver did not crack like gold prices and its trading at 14.68$ , if silver prices click our support at 14.45$ and sustain below our technical support today then expect silver to correct upto 14.20$ – 14$

If silver price click our resistance at 14.92$ and sustain above our daily resistance then expect silver rates to fire upto 15.10$ – 15.30$ today

Silver trend conclusion : Silver trend is weak for now

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