daily gold forecast and levels 27 november 2015

By | November 27, 2015

Gold forecast

Since yesterday gold prices trading in same range . We have UK GDP data today . Which will impact eur/usd and gold as well . Currently prices trading at 1069$ . If this precious metal break our chart support at 1062$ and sustain below our intraday support then expect market to correct upto 1054$ – 1047$ today .

Gold chart suggests an intraday resistance at 1081$ . If market manage to break this and sustain above our chart resistance then expect market to touch upto 1090$ – 1099$ today .

Gold forecast conclusion : No major trend as market is roaming around same levels . Today UK GDP data might move gold for a while . US markets open today but it would close early .

Silver levels today

Silver prices trading at 14.14$ . Slightly lower than yesterday . Technical chart suggest a support at 13.98$ . If market manage to break this and sustain below our intraday support today then expect bears to have upper hand once again upto 13.70$ – 13.50$ today .

If market break our chart resistance at 14.51$ and sustain above our intraday resistance today then expect buyers to have upper hand upto 14.75$ – 14.99$ today .

Silver levels conclusion : No major trend today . So follow levels only .

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