Monthly Archives: February 2016

Gold silver forecast today 29th february 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( xauusd ) price trading higher today at 1228$ . Its trading higher today due to china’s crash . China’s major index shanghai composite index cracked more than 4% . A good resistance in today’s gold chart at 1234$ . If price break this hurdle and manage to trade above our resistance… Read More »

weekly gold forecast 1st week march 2016

weekly gold forecast Last week gold continued its volatile sessions and continued trading with crude oil . But last week’s friday was only day which did’nt show any connection with crude oil but still we cant rule out its fully disconnect . Gold price closed at 1222$ . It cracked from 1239$ till 1211$ .… Read More »

Gold silver forecast intraday 26th february 2016

Gold forecast Gold ( Xauusd ) price it tested high at 1244$ and then gave a consolidation till 1231$ . Unlike silver its holding on higher levels pretty well . Currently prices are trading at 1239$ . A good resistance on gold chart at 1248$ . If traders break this hurdle and manage to hold… Read More »